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♦ Topic: Amnesty & The Devil We Know
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Posted on August 19th, Y1:

I’ve seen a few articles and wanted to compile them. There’s a narrative here, if you don’t grasp it then bear with me an I’ll sum up my thoughts at the end.

Article: Strange Reversals: Villain to Hero & Forum Thread
The number of heroes is rising. Multiple known villains have shucked off the black capes for white ones. Which is a good thing, right?

Article: No Witnesses Remain & Forum Thread
The article identifies three villains who we know about in heroic groups – two with the Wardens and one with Shelter. They committed crimes, we have some limited information or scraps of wiki articles, but the witnesses of those past crimes are either dead or yet to establish themselves. We established standards for amnesty, but sometimes those standards can’t be met. The ex-villains find places on the team with nobody to naysay.

Article: Two Black Raincoats & Forum Thread
Let’s get to the examples. Four youths tried to get superpowers by working off of the ‘trigger’ theory of power gain, and became a newsworthy case in 2004. The event got out of hand, one boy and one girl took charge and preyed on the two younger members of the group, torturing them over the course of a weekend. Nobody gained powers, the search for the missing children led to the two older children being identified as they went into town on the Monday to get food and buy power tools, including a circular saw. They revealed the location of their victims; one of whom apparently lost fingers as the wire that was used to attach them to the toilet tank was too tight. Unnamed Boy was sent to juvie. Unnamed Girl was sent to psychiatric care. Both gained powers while in care, both were released in or around 2009. Reuniting, now with powers, they killed three people, wearing black raincoats to keep the blood off, and were not caught. They have been spotted in several locations at the Rochester span, wearing the black raincoats.

“For the time being, the amnesty applies,” Chief Armstrong stated to the media. “We know where they are and we’re keeping tabs.”

Good enough?

Article: “Rended”, “Torn Up”, “Dismembered” & Forum Thread
Written after Miss Militia and Vista, heroines under the Wardens, were seen on several occasions in the company of Hellhound, also known as Bitch or Rachel Lindt. Raises questions about the moral compromise the amnesty has wrought and the longstanding allegations that the Protectorate team in Brockton Bay was cooperating with the local villains. Once the relationship is established and we’re reminded of the past examples, the article devotes the latter half to reminding us of some of Rachel Lindt’s deeds when she was working with a group of warlords to seize Brockton Bay.

“Every day, I wake up and I try to move my leg. The wind gets knocked out of me when it doesn’t move like it should. If I’m active at all during the day, then the pain hits me in the evening.”

Article: Fallen: What You Need To Know & Forum Thread
The Fallen operate as a cult and they’re one of the largest cape groups around. The article doesn’t talk about it directly, but the forum thread has some great posts on the subject (see page 3 and 12). Their recruitment numbers are swelling and I (and others!) think it’s the amnesty that’s letting them get away with it. There’s a lot of talk of Lachlan Hund [article linked] elsewhere and there might be a court case revolving around what others are saying was a powers-assisted abduction. Totally Fallen M.O. for years prior, family says Lachlan never showed any pro-Fallen sentiment before this.

Article: No Cost & Forum Thread
Same article author as ‘No Witnesses Remain’. Following up on several villains who didn’t turn hero, the author finds two villains, both anonymous, who claim they received accommodations, at a time when many were still living in the tent cities. They got ahead of the ‘line’, they got basic apartments and utilities paid for, and they contribute nothing except the fact that they aren’t (as far as we know) committing crimes these days. It’s like we’ve caved to extortion.

We need to have a dead serious conversation about the amnesty. Justice shouldn’t fall by the wayside. Absolutely horrific individuals get their second chances but they get them at the expense of the safety and peace of mind of others. They get things easier.

We heard the arguments why at the start. We had other things to think about and deal with. Heroes had other things. We thought. We dealt. The heroes handled the biggest needs. That was then.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not buying into the anti-cape sentiment you see here and there.

But I’m anti-these-capes. I’m anti-this.

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Dive Bucket
Replied on August 19th, Y1:
Where do they go tho? What are we supposed to do?
• No birdcage
• No max-sec prisons
• Bare bones legal system
• No stable government to put either of those in place
• No resources
• No records
• No witnesses (as OP says)

Replied on August 19th, Y1:
We have strict control over the portals. Send them out to Bet. Close the doors. Or guard them

mlekk (is mlekk)
Replied on August 19th, Y1:
/mlekk oozes in
mlekk thinks that would cause more probselms than it solves
mlekk thinks they would want to attack the doors
mlekk thinks of the refugees who haven’t made it to us yet
mlekk decides BAD IDEA
/mlekk oozes out

Replied on August 19th, Y1:
What’s wrong with extortion? What’s wrong with taking measures?

If you stand at the bottom of a hill and a car starts rolling down it with nobody in the drivers seat what do you do?

The way some of you imbeciles are talking about this I can’t help but think you would stand there bitching about the situation until the car hits you.

Get out of their way first and then make sure it wasn’t one part of bigger problem or disaster.

Then and only then do you address the problem with your indignation and sense of injustice cold, clear, and gripped in steady hands. Find some weapon or power and take action.

Replied on August 19th, Y1:
@ Mangled_Wings
1) villains aren’t cars. villains are humans. they’re accountable for their actions.
2) we have more choices than ‘get out of their way’. We’re part of a greater society. We have the choice of catering to them or treating them like the scumbags they are. we’re accountable for how we respond to them. our government is accountable for how they respond to them.
3) ‘imbeciles’ isn’t helping foster good discussion
4) can someone please ban mlekk? They’re in every other thread. Admin said they would deal with low-investment content
5) why the fuck is mlekk one of the only people with working badges?

Replied on August 19th, Y1:
There are three kinds of villain. There are villains at rest that don’t do anything unless bothered and they may be easy to bother. Don’t bother them unless you’re sure you’re stronger than them. If you don’t have powers you aren’t stronger than them.

There are villains in motion. They want something or they’re going somewhere. Don’t get in their way unless you’re a lot stronger than them. Catch them from the flanks or from behind if you’re strong and clever enough.

These two kinds of villain don’t budge. I’ve known a lot of them. I know how they operate. It takes a lot to move the ones at rest and it takes a lot to change the course of the ones in motion. You can’t do either. Don’t try.

The third kind is the kind worth paying attention to and they’re the ones that are changing or that can change. Objects in motion stay in motion and objects at rest stay at rest and the times and situations to watch out for are when they change states.

The people bitching here don’t know enough and don’t have the power to handle any of that. Get stronger. Get smarter. Leave it to the people who know stuff to tell each group apart and to know when to handle things.

Replied on August 19th, Y1:
Like you?
You act like you’re the only one who understands the situation
What guarantee is there that they’re ever going to handle things?
People and institutions do what is easiest.
(P.S. Mlekk is only one deserving of badge. Cult of mlekk!)

Replied on August 19th, Y1:
Adding articles, part III (Keeping to OP’s format):

Valkyrie Interviewed and Thread Link
Rising star in the Wardens. Exceptionally powerful, many references to the Green Maiden or something? Might harken back to before my time. She is asked directly about this in the interview and deflects.

Shepherd’s Crook and Thread Link (not many posts)
Team started up and fell apart. Reason why? One ex-nemesis and lover of the team leader was invited to the team. They went full yoko. Shepherds no more.

Endemic is the word.

Replied on August 19th, Y1:
Like me, New_Ohmstar. I have worked with more than twenty villains. I am a villain. When I give you recommendations about leaving sleeping dogs alone I am referring to myself. When I tell you that you want to get out of the way if I have something I want? Referring to myself.

I am not one of the leeches. I pay for my own apartment. I make no trouble. Yet. Yes I am talking to the heroes. They keep their eye on me and I keep my eye on them. There are other factors. This makes degrees of sense you are not equipped to comprehend. For now it is fine and you should take my word for it.

I’m aiming to get stronger. I’m aiming to get smarter. I am not the only one doing this. If you spend your time bitching on the internet instead of doing the same then you’re one of the imbeciles because things are changing and you will fall behind.

I can verify any of this if I must but I don’t know how as I am new to this site.

[email protected]_The_Sky
Replied on August 19th, Y1:
If you send me a private message, I can walk you through it. It would be faster to contact an active admin directly.

End of Page. 1, 2, 3, 4, 550, 51, 52

Private Conversation with [email protected]_The_Sky

Mangled_Wings: You said you’d help.

[email protected]_The_Sky: Hello to you too.
[email protected]_The_Sky: Click on your username while reading any thread you’ve posted in. Go to the Help panel. There will be a list of options. Third box, second option, badge verification You might want to open a new window so you can go back from this convo to that

Mangled_Wings: It says import image.

[email protected]_The_Sky: Take a picture of yourself in costume and a piece of paper with your username on it. Connect phone or camera to computer. Find the image and select it, hit the ‘select’ button on the bottom corner of the window.

Mangled_Wings: I don’t have a phone or camera.

[email protected]_The_Sky: Does your computer have a camera built into the monitor?

Mangled_Wings: Yes.

[email protected]_The_Sky: OS360?

Mangled_Wings: Yes. I think.

[email protected]_The_Sky: Draw the circle in the center of the desktop to open the radial menu. Hit ‘C’ and camera should be something visible. Open it, wait for your image to appear. You’ll want to be in costume. Hit space.

Mangled_Wings: It made a shutter sound.

[email protected]_The_Sky: You were in costume already?

Mangled_Wings: It’s fine.

[email protected]_The_Sky: Sure. You’ll find the picture in the ‘pictures’ bubble

Mangled_Wings: Thank you. I found it. I imported it. It wants me to put in a label before I hit select.

[email protected]_The_Sky:Villain’, I guess. I don’t know if you really want to do that. You might want to go ‘Cape’ if you want to fly under the radar. People are sore about villains these days.

Mangled_Wings: I don’t fly under the radar. I know what I am and I know what I’ll be, if I don’t die first. Thank you for the help. I respect this more than I respect the more self-pitying of the invertebrates out there.

[email protected]_The_Sky: Alright.
[email protected]_The_Sky: I’m unfortunately afflicted with desire to help people.

Mangled_Wings: A dire inflection, that.

[email protected]_The_Sky: 0:) I don’t know if you’re at rest or moving or if you’re open to change, but you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Things will go smoother if you don’t call them invertebrates or imbeciles
[email protected]_The_Sky: And maybe stay at rest a little longer, given the chance?
[email protected]_The_Sky: I think they really need it
[email protected]_The_Sky: We all need it.
[email protected]_The_Sky: Also. It just occurred to me. If you connect at a library, you’ll want to delete the image before you go. Overwrite it once it is deleted to be sure.

Mangled_Wings: You kill more flies with vinegar in reality.
Mangled_Wings: A person can rest only so long. I’m restless.

[email protected]_The_Sky: What a pity.
[email protected]_The_Sky: Spend more time online. Geek out. Learn! Less time spent being bad!

Mangled_Wings: I am not averse to learning. We will see if there is any pity to be had.
Mangled_Wings: I am at a library. I will do that.

[email protected]_The_Sky: You can draw the circle and hit ‘o’ to find overwrite.

Mangled_Wings: I already found it. Thank you. Goodbye.

Invitation to Group Conversation by Strange_Mammal

Strange_Mammal: aaaaand I think this is her…

Mangled_Wings: I’m here.

Strange_Mammal: we thought you’d be one of the stragglers

Mangled_Wings: I don’t straggle. At worst I am fashionably late.

Strange_Mammal: you said you hadn’t really used a computer before

Mangled_Wings: I hadn’t. I’m a fast learner.

Cap: this is A?

Strange_Mammal: it’s A…
Strange_Mammal: …we’re using first-letters to stay on down-low…
Strange_Mammal: …until we figure out what we’re doing

Cap: how long did it take to figure it out, A?

Mangled_Wings: Less than an hour. Mammal is?

Strange_Mammal: C.

Mangled_Wings: I see.

Heart_Shaped_Pupil: !!! A!

Mangled_Wings: This would be K.

Heart_Shaped_Pupil: i was viewing old videos and saw some vids of u

Mangled_Wings: I didn’t know I had any.

Heart_Shaped_Pupil: so cool
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: so x-ited to b working with u.

Strange_Mammal: @ K / Heart_Shaped_Pupil…
Strange_Mammal: …type like a grown up…
Strange_Mammal: …my eyes are already bleeding

Cap: hahaha

Heart_Shaped_Pupil: Got it!
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: I’m saving vids. Show you at next face2face meet.

Mangled_Wings: Okay.

Cap: we still waiting on S & R

Strange_Mammal: they said they would have some trouble getting access

Cap: yes. I got to go. we check in again same time. hammer something out?

Mangled_Wings: Yes.

Strange_Mammal: I will keep an eye out for R & S

Cap has left the conversation.

Heart_Shaped_Pupil: Downloading downloading…
Heart_Shaped_Pupil: Getting off chat to download faster. Bye!
Heart_Shaped_Pupil has left the conversation.

Mangled_Wings: Bye.
Mangled_Wings: Ah. That was fast.
Mangled_Wings: I’ll go too.

Strange_Mammal: fyi?

Mangled_Wings: I don’t know this word.

Strange_Mammal: for your information…
Strange_Mammal: …others can see time you spend online on your profile. you spent longer than one hour…
Strange_Mammal: …you’ve been online all day.

Mangled_Wings: I am at the library. Something to do with that, I’d think.

Strange_Mammal: it doesn’t work that way. I am 95% sure.
Strange_Mammal: there is no need to lie, A
Strange_Mammal: the reason for this project is supposed to be we know each other
Strange_Mammal: K will find out if she does not already know. she pays attention to those things

Mangled_Wings: If you are 95% sure there is still 5% chance you are wrong. Assume you are wrong before you get on my bad side.
Mangled_Wings: You do not want to get on my bad side.

Strange_Mammal: ok

You have left the conversation.

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16 thoughts on “Glow-worm – 0.3”

  1. I just have the sneaking suspicion that Mangled_Wings is someone we know. I might be completely wrong though.

    1. Maybe another account for the Simurgh? After all, it has been pointed out that Mangled_Wings wasn’t its PHO name before.

      1. Somehow, I expect more of a reaction from someone sending in a picture of the Simurgh holding a piece of paper with a username on it.

        I’m guessing they’re former Irregulars. They don’t need costumes, they need to keep low, etc.

          1. That would be Blasto? I don’t think his Simurgh clone was viable.

            “A” kinda sorta works as Aisha, but I don’t really believe that

        1. Yeah, my first thought at the name Mangled_Wings was the Simurgh, but I figure that if it were she, we would have heard about a strong reaction from the admins.

          Still, it’s fun to imagine her going to a library and browsing the internet like a perfectly ordinary human being.

    2. On a limb, it reminds me almost of Lung. The way they talk, and the letter K possibly meaning Kenta. Maybe a stretch, but thats the feeling I got of it.

  2. to be honest i have no idea who any of these people are, just going with the flow :0

    (yes, i’ve read all of worm)

  3. I’m very concerned that one of the names in the group chat at the end is the same Cap from 0.2. (I was almost wondering if Reach had been a villain team the entire time and I’d just assumed they were heroes, but then I remembered the words Cap left for Coiffure.)

  4. Strange_Mammal: there is no need to lie, A
    Strange_Mammal: the reason for this project is supposed to be we know each other
    C you’re one to fucking talk!

  5. “Mangled_Wings: A dire inflection, that.”
    Is that a typo? Should that be “affliction” – or given Point’s reaction, maybe “infection”? “Inflection” doesn’t make sense to me…

  6. I’m incredibly surprised at the fact that the comment section of glow worm seems so barren compared to Worms comment section 🙁

  7. Re-reading it, and on that point:
    >>Heart_Shaped_Pupil: !!! A!
    >>Mangled_Wings: This would be K.
    I felt so warm and happy.

  8. Hahaha! Villains. XD

    A new character ? Someone previously unexplored? Makes for amusing reading!

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