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I’m a full-time writer, and as of 2017, I earn my living solely through the generosity of my readers.  I’m also someone who has read and perused other media where creators took or take donations, and I’ve seen everything from the fantastic to the naggy and even the outright mercenary.

I don’t want to be one of the bad ones.  I put out the best work I can at the fastest rate I can while trying to stay sane, and I feel uncomfortable whenever the subject of money comes up.  With all that in mind, I’m more or less just going to put the buttons on this page and on the main site’s sidebar, only mentioning things for the periodic thank-you or when changing the goal amounts to reflect a change in the trend.

For every $X raised, I’ll add a bonus chapter to the queue, to be written at the next available opportunity.  ‘X’ may change from time to time (with warning prior), as I’m shooting more for a balance that encourages donations while also seeing me output a steady update rate of 2.5 updates/wk.  Leftover amounts carry over from month to month – the third bonus is primarily there to absorb overflow and especially generous donations.  Generally speaking, if Patreon and Paypal averages are maintained, there should be two chapters a month without an issue and a third every 3-4 months.

Note: I’ve been forced to put a hold on the bonus chapters for the time being.  There may be Thursday chapters to make up for past amounts owed.  If this affects your donations, it is 100% understood.

As this has come up in the past, please do not hurt or inconvenience yourself in the process of providing me any financial support.  I’m not struggling and I’m enjoying my life just fine.  My readers are awesome and I owe them everything when it comes to that, and I aim to repay them in kind by putting out good work.  People giving me money they can’t spare because of a false perception I’m struggling or on the edge of financial ruin would taint something that’s ideally positive overall.  I draw my income from both Patreon and Paypal – the former is the bulk of my income (with trends visible through the link at the very bottom of the page) and the Paypal amounts add up to about 15% of what I get from Patreon.  I make more than minimum wage and less than the average Canadian income.  That’s just… copacetic.

Paypal is a good option for one-off payments.

Patreon is a means of subscribing with recurring monthly payments.  They can be stopped without any undue difficulty.  The money from Patreon tends to take a week to twelve days to get to me after the month starts, which will lead to a bit of lag in the trackers that will appear on this page.

Rough estimates on current standings and history with Patreon can be found here.