F.A.Q. – PRT Quest?

Q: What is PRT Quest?

You might see passing mention of PRT Quest in the comment section or other fan communities.  It took place on a forum, and updated as a kind of ‘choose your own adventure’ story, with Wildbow writing the segments and fans voting in the times between segments to choose or propose their own options – a format typically termed  a ‘Quest’.  The players took control of Director Seneca, who managed Anchorage, Alaska’s new PRT Department 64 (In Earth Bet’s 2012 – during the timeskip).  It involved a lot of the day to day of the running of the department, exploring what a PRT department does and the types of decisions made.

Due to Wildbow’s lack of experience in running ‘Quests’ and a dwindling interest of the players at the same time other things demanded attention (primarily the ending of Pact), PRT Quest ended before reaching a proper conclusion.

Characters in/from PRT Quest…

Director Seneca – Ex-FBI, married with one child, a strong interrogator with the occasional badass moment.

Horizon – Protectorate team leader.  Had vision modes and a striker power with rather varied results.  Some hits did nothing and some were devastating enough to demolish armored trucks.  Ambitious, she was pleased to be selected as team leader.
Cask – Protectorate cape.  Cask was a burly, bearded potions tinker who stayed out of combat.
Lightslinger – Protectorate cape.  Turned light sources into ranged laser turrets.  Had a background with corporate teams, and was consequently well versed in looking good for the cameras.
Snaptrap – Protectorate cape.  Shaker power created gravity wells that sucked things toward the center, but could activate a secondary power to turn the outer edge into a shredding field or crush everything within the ‘trap’.  Rough-edged in personality
Rail – Protectorate cape.  Rookie of the team.  Her power granted a measure of near-invulnerability to touched person or self, while also dragging them a set distance.

● Auroch – Ward.  Daughter of Chubster, who died in the Leviathan attack.  Harbored some trauma from the loss, but put on a brave face to be leader of the Anchorage Wards.  Had inertia reduction/amplification that was linked to damage reduction/amplification, respectively, affecting others within a bubble around her.  Could also affect herself independently of that bubble.
Feint – Ward.  Much-hated by virtually all who knew him, had Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which made him resist and rebuff authority at every turn.  Toxic and unpleasant for all to deal with, his parents shuffled him off to the Wards to deal with him less.  “Fucking Feint” was a catchphrase in the quest.  Could create forcefield projections of people or objects, moving them independently.
Roulette – Ward.  A ‘shotgun precog’ – she could see multiple theoretical futures which had a low probability of coming to pass, but which nonetheless provided some information gathering ability.
Vellum – Ward.  Initially a problem the questers had to deal with, she was one of their successes, as Seneca organized Vellum’s capture and subsequent recruitment to the Wards team.  A teenage girl that was brought to the US to be a slave, she triggered with the ability to rip off all of an individual’s skin with a touch, in such a way that they never died.  Granted herself a small but permanent boost to strength and durability for every ‘skin’ taken.

The ‘handbook’ for PRT Quest can be found here.  The individual posts are linked within.